Why You Should Ask Your Home Inspector To Refer You To Your Agent

Usually, when someone is beginning the process of purchasing a home, they first choose their real estate agent, they finally find a house, and then that agent refers them to a home inspector. However, it may actually be more beneficial for home buyers to reverse this, choosing your home inspector first and then asking their opinion on a real estate agent.Do not get home inspectors wrong here. We know that a vast majority of real estate agents really do care about the home buyer. However some can be influenced and motivated to act in ways that are less in the best interest of the buyers. We have known real estate agents to never use a home inspection company for anyone except for themselves or family.Real estate agents are paid on commission, and that commission doesn’t come unless a home buyer makes a purchase. The agent needs you to buy the home, and there are a few unethical real estate agents who aren’t above lying to a client or downplaying a home’s issues to make sure a sale goes through. The commission can be enough to alter the level of being above board an agent will be.An established, well reviewed home inspection company most likely knows which agents you can put your trust in. A well established home inspection company also knows which agents have asked them to leave details out of the report. The inspection company may not tell you negative things specifically regarding an agent, however they could easily suggest an agent to you. You can trust the home inspection company because the company needs you to have a great experience with them, as reviews and word of mouth are very important to them. How will their company look if you discover your new home has structural problems shortly after moving in when it becomes an issue? In addition, the home inspection company gets paid whether or not you purchase the home; this means they don’t have possible motivation to lie to push a sale that the real estate agents have. A home inspectors best interest is to be accurate and honest.Of course, there are amazing real estate agents out there who care very much about their clients. You just have to take your time and take care in who you choose. Your home inspector is a great person to ask when you are beginning your search for agents and a home.

Why Do Most Home Based Businesses Fail?

Each and every day there are thousands of people who start their own home based business and thousands more looking into starting a home based business. The problem is that the vast majority of home based businesses fail. It’s a fact we all know. But why does it happen?Well there are a number of reasons, beyond the scope of this article, why home businesses fail but one of the major reasons is because the aspiring entrepreneur fails to see that the business opportunity they joined was complete junk to begin with! Is this something that can be avoided? It certainly is! All it takes is learning how to spot scams and schemes, and find the good business opportunities.Here are five of the main reasons why many home based businesses fail:1) Unproven Opportunities.The fact is that many of the home business opportunities are just too new. The market for the products and services is not well-established, the owners may not have enough experience, it may have incurred huge debt starting up, etc… There are about a thousand things that could be a problem with a new opportunity. For the most part opportunities that are brand new are too risky!While it is possible that they may end up being the greatest opportunity in the world and you would have been well off if you got in early, the chances of that happening are slim and if you are just starting your home based business you are much better off going with a proven opportunity.2) Same Old Crap.Most of the home based business opportunities are the same old recycled plans and programs. Many opportunities claim to be completely new or “never before seen,” but really aren’t. Do a little research and you will find that there is nothing new about them at all. Sure they might have put a little twist on things but overall they are just the same as a million other programs out there. It’s important is to find a home business opportunity that really is different and better than most others.3) Recruiting.Many home based business opportunities rely heavily, or even entirely, on recruiting. So unless you are very well skilled at marketing or have a huge contact list the chances of success are greatly reduced. More often that not those considered to be “heavy hitters” or “super affiliates” are the only ones who make any real money because they are the ones who have all the connections. When choosing an opportunity of this type be sure that they have very good training and good information to help you with marketing.4) Immoral and/or Illegal.A significant amount of home based business opportunities are immoral or downright illegal. Obviously these opportunities should be avoided at all costs! Don’t ever get involved in any opportunity that violates ethics and laws. Usually you can figure this out by doing a lot of research before joining. Also, if it just doesn’t feel right then stay away.5) Hype, Hype, Hype.Many home business opportunities are pure hype with no “real” product or service behind them. There is no firm foundation for the company. When all the hype runs out, the opportunity collapses on itself.Always be sure to figure out what the product or service is behind the opportunity, what kind of market this product or service has, and if it is possible to build a good income without all the hype. Never join a home business opportunity based purely on hype and no real product or service!That’s it! Five major reasons why many home based businesses fail. Be sure to find a legitimate home based business opportunity from the start. Taking the extra time to find out everything you can about an opportunity will greatly increase your chances of success!But do remember one last thing… No opportunity is perfect in every way. Don’t waste your life trying to find it because it doesn’t exist! You just need to find a good, legitimate home business opportunity and stick with it.

What’s Going on With the MLM Home Based Business?

Are you looking to own a network marketing home based business? If you are, it can be a very profitable for you to own a home based business. But you will have to do your homework first; to make sure you are getting into a home based business that is worth your time, invest and make sure it isn’t a scam.You must look at the positives and the negatives of an network marketing home based business before just jumping in. That’s extremely important remember that.Being aware you are getting yourself into a legit, honest home based business will save you a lot of money and heartache later on. Just jumping into the first home based business you see can be a killer for you, if the business turns out to be a scam.You don’t want that right!So with a network marketing business it involves you doing direct selling of services or products through recommendation or promotion by a independent representatives.If you are the one who’s endorsing or recommending the product or service you will get a commission from any sale you made.Remember a lot of these products are not sold in stores, commercials or any type of advertising that is mainstream.So when you are trying to see which network marketing home based business is legit, it can get a little difficult because the pyramid schemes are closely similar to the legit, and honest network marketing home based business concepts. A ponzi or pyramid scheme is big time illegal and participating in one and not knowing it can end up being a nightmare for you.So make sure you do that research on the company you are looking to join. Make sure if the company has been around for sometime. You want a company that has a proven track record. Let me mention, this usually the investment you make is proportioned to that product or service you are promoting. Means your home based business is legit.There many positives when you own a network marketing home based business. But I will break down a few of them.1) With your own network marketing home based business, you will be your own boss. You have the ability to work from the comfort of your own home. That’s what drives many people to join a home based business.Also when comes down to the products you don’t have to worry about creating them. The products are already created, there’s no inventory you have to keep. Most of the time The company will have a written out marketing plan.There’s many people who don’t have a clue on how to market products or if they do know how to market products they don’t know the most effective ways to do it. But with an network marketing home based business biz you don’t have to worry about it because its given to you an a step by step plan.There disadvantages when having a network marketing home based biz that is it depends your character or personality. If you are a action taker, have good leadership qualities then having a network marketing home based biz will be less of a problem for you.On the other hand, if recruiting others and selling gives you problems or if you are not a peoples person then maintaining and growing a network marketing home based biz may become a challenge for you. In the network marketing home biz this business consist of recruiting new people and building your downline.If you can get over your fear. Just think what a network marketing home biz will mean to you and your love ones. You can (live your dreams, be your own boss, work when you want to, make more money etc…) With this business you don’t need any experience just hard work and being consistent.Remember you must do your research before just jumping into a network marketing home based biz. You have to make sure the business is legal and worth your time, energy and investment. So when you find that right network marketing home based biz, you must put in the hard work and the consistency. You will enjoy the freedom and the money the network marketing home based biz can give you.All rights reserved. Article may be reprinted as long as the content remains intact and unchanged and links remain active.”For more information about network marketing home based business be sure to follow the link in the resource box below now.”